General Rules

Claim Abandonment Policy

Faction War Policy

  1. Use common sense and THINK before you DO ANYTHING.
    • Could this action be hurtful? Offensive? Bannable? Not following the Core Values? DON'T DO IT.
  2. Use mature and appropriate language at all times.
    • Do not use vulgarity, obscenities, or offensive terms such as slurs, both in public chat and direct messaging.
  3. Harassment, spam, bullying, advertising, fraud, and any unprofessional behavior is prohibited & zero-tolerance.
    • Harassment means all types of negative & unneeded conflict towards others, which includes racism, sexism, homophobia & transphobia, and other acts of hate.
  4. Grief, thefts/raids, and other unwanted actions against one's property are prohibited.
  5. Player builds are officially considered ABANDONED if the user has not logged in within the past 180 days. Once a build is abandoned, anyone may claim it AND the property inside (chest contents, etc).
  6. Abusing server exploits, using hacked clients, or deliberately trying to hurt the server is prohibited.
  7. Respect the rules and policies of other players.
    • Use a player's specific pronouns if they request to.
  8. All communications on the server must be in English.
  9. Mods that provide a competitive advantage over other players, such as hacked clients, ESP, killaura, autoeat, etc., are prohibited. All player actions are logged and will be reviewed in cases of suspected cheating.
  10. Respect the rules of the Discord server. This includes limitations on discussion of politics and CAP topics (remember OPSEC!)
  11. Last rule, we promise: Have fun! We are a welcoming community all trying to have fun together!