General Rules

Claim Abandonment Policy

Faction War Policy

  1. The faction you want to fight must be an enemy (/f enemy).
  2. Sim and Nick must be notified at least 24 hours in advance via a ticket before starting a war.
  3. A faction must declare war on an enemy faction, and the enemy faction must accept before a war begins.
    • Please screenshot and upload the war request and acceptance to the ticket.
  4. During a war, griefing and raiding of the enemy faction are allowed.
    • Griefing or raiding an ally, neutral faction, or non-faction is prohibited.
    • Killing is restricted to mobs, animals, and enemy faction members only.
    • Do not hurt or kill players not part of the faction at-war.
    • Factions at war may safeguard "peaceful zones" from grief and raid using PStones. ALL safeguarded locations must be noted in the war notification ticket.
    • Factions may only use survival-obtainable & breakable blocks to safeguard their base(s) and areas containing war supplies. These include obsidian and netherite blocks. Creative-only blocks, like barriers, reinforced deepslate, and bedrock, may not be used.
  5. If your faction produces propaganda, it may only be posted in the CAPCRAFT worlds or in the #factions Discord channel. Map art rules apply.
  6. Fighting is restricted to in-game mechanics only. Do not take the war outside of the server.
  7. Do not attempt to hurt the server to gain an advantage (lagging players, unnecessarily using server resources, etc.)
  8. War ends when an enemy faction surrenders, runs out of resources for the war, or both factions declare a truce.
    • Please announce the end of your war in the ticket created earlier.